Daisy Tech has one of the most experienced and skillful teams of design engineers in Bulgaria. Most of them have graduated and specialized in the top universities in Europe. All company’s product designs are done in Daisy’s laboratories. The company is a winner of the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” Bulgarian awards for 2012, an yearly contest held in Bulgaria. Daisy Tech participates regularly in the Red Dot Design Awards for best product design concepts.

Quality of the Production processes

Daisy Tech has three manufacturing plants in Bulgaria – in Sofia, Gabrovo and Teteven with over 500 employees and monthly production capacity of over 100 000 pcs.  The quality of the production process is guaranteed by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards which are strictly followed in the company for the past decade. The scope of the quality management system covers all activities and personnel related to the design and production of fiscal devices and energy meters.
Along with the implemented incoming material quality control and effective component supply chain management system, Daisy Tech maintains a strict outgoing goods control which ensures the reliability and high quality of the company’s production.