Fiscal Device Management System

Daisy Technology Ltd. is a developer and supplier of third generation electronic fiscal device management systems (EFDMS) for optimizing the revenue collection in tax administrations. Compared to the second generation systems, where all fiscal devices use a simple GPRS connection to the revenue authority servers and send their reports and/or fiscal receipts in predefined time intervals, the third generation EFDMS eliminate all risks of fraud and add additional security to this connection. The system manages the data coming from all electronic fiscal devices (fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers) in a secure way. Each fiscal receipt is digitally signed by crypto module in the form of a 2D barcode which helps the tax administration to check easily and quickly if the issued receipt is authentic and correct.
The tax agency can request and receive full information from a specific fiscal device of a particular taxpayer. The various types of reports provide accurate real-time financial and statistical information. The access to all the information is done through user-friendly customizable web interface available for the tax administration officers.

Some of the main advantages of our system are:

  • It can be implemented to all existing types of fiscal devices
  • Practically eliminating fiscal fraud
  • Ensuring timely transfer of the fiscal data to the tax administration
  • Possibility to analyze the financial data in real time
  • Possibility to disable certain tax payers operations remotely
  • Possible lottery approach to wider control by the customers


Daisy Technology Ltd is the only company in the world which has the know-how, experience and a big number of successful installations of third generation electronic fiscal device management systems.The tax administrations using our systems are increasing their revenue collection with 60% – 65% in the first year after the tax system implementation.