Daisy Tech is a company with tradition in designing hi-tech and innovative products, including all features, required by the customer and the local legislation.


Research is a key part of what we do. Every product Daisy Tech puts on the market is carefully compared with the main requirements of the target customer, be it a small grocery shop or a government agency.


Often, a requirement of the customer can’t be met with the current known (on the market) solutions. That’s when Daisy Tech taps the innovational skills of its engineers. Innovational technology is what Daisy does best. Whether it is a cash register, or an energy meter, we always strive to best and further improve the products, and thus – the customer experience.


Daisy Tech is developing new products all the time. We are the first company in the world to implement the so called third generation cash registers with integrated GPRS and direct encrypted connection to the local Tax Agency.
The development process requires the most of our great R&D team that create their masterpieces in the Daisy labs.


Daisy Tech assures professional support and maintenance of its products  through their whole lifecycle starting from the moment of sale and continuing until the end of their usage. Our support department provides 24/7 online assistance to our partners and clients around the world. We strive to meet the customers’ requirements and to facilitate their work.